Atölye Adı / Workshop Title: Screen and PrintHackfest: Image and Storytelling in Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern

Atölye Yürütücüsü / Workshop Director: Rob Burton 

Süresi / Duration: 1 gün / day

Tarihi / Date: 14 Haziran 2017 / June 14, 2017   saat / time: 10.30

Yeri / Place: Marmara Üniversitesi Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi

Kontenjan / Quota: 

Başvuru / Contact:


A hackfest is a fast-paced sprint workshop event in which participants collaborate intensively on themed projects creating work within given contexts and environments. This ‘post internet appropriation and image making‘hackfest’ challenges participants within printed textiles, surface pattern and image making disciplines to explore experimental approaches to two-dimensional image making using given parameters of time, space, place and environment to respond to a given theme. The workshop explores young people’s approach to images, their appropriation and representation in an image driven world of virtual internet production, self-promotion and the ‘internet of things’ as images and imagery.


The workshop will begin with a short keynote presentation into the working practices of the facilitator and a short introduction to his work. Burton uses subversive and collaborative approaches to image making that develop collage forms of appropriated and original imagery to explore themes of loss and memories. Participants will then be asked to explore image manipulation and fabric experimentation utilising stencils, handdrawing and painting, serigraph, found and photographic imagery.


The participants will be given a theme to explore in imagery. To capture the great ideas and work-in-progress often people post a video of the demonstrations, blog about results with screenshots and details, share links and progress on social media, generally make it possible for people to share, learn from and possibly build from the ideas generated and initial work completed. It is proposed that this workshop will take place in the environment of a textile print room where students can express their ideas in found, borrowed, appropriated and re-presented imagery so reforming graphic narrative and telling stories through image and mark.


At the end of the workshop, there will be a series of demonstrations in which each participant or group presents their work/s.





Rob Burton is a visual artist and university academic who explores themes of memory, loss and transformation through fiber, fabric making, print techniques and textile approaches to image-making. Rob Burton’s artworks cross the threshold of disciplines in a conceptual dialogue using innovative approaches to analogue, contemporary and emerging technologies. Major recent projects have included The Gift Project, a collaborative approach to making across textiles and other media and video works featured in the Textile Art of Today Triennial. Rob has recently exhibited internationally in group exhibitions and biennials in USA, Eastern Europe and the UK.