24 — 28 // 10 // 2016

'Geçicilik – Farklar' ve Ötesi

24 — 28 // 10 // 2016

'Temporality-Differences' and Beyond

25 — 26 // 10 // 2016

We would be glad to see you amongst us in the 7th International Student Triennial, organized by Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts between October 24 and 28, 2016.


The 7th International Student Triennial is organized to bring students, scholars, schools and cultures together via exhibitions, symposiums, workshops and short film screenings, through which the dynamic interactions and contributions could open new horizons in Art & Design practices and education. This time the theme of the Triennial is ‘Temporality-Differences’ and Beyond.


Before the actual date of the Triennial on October 24 and 28, 2016, there will be online or actual workshops as side events, beginning from April until the end of October 2016. Stretching across from spring semester until the end of October, these workshops will help to construct a dense network amongst students along with to create a link amongst institutions and individuals in the eve of the Triennial.


We hope to have you with us to experience new possibilities of art and design.


To receive detailed information regarding all Triennial activities, register to our e-mail list.


Application deadline extension !

Exhibition, workshop and short film application deadline has been extended to September 1, 2016.

Within the scope of the 7th International Student Triennial, the theme of our symposium is ‘Temporality – Differences’ and Beyond. This symposium aims to develop strategies as to how basic paradigms that define today’s World can be put into the center stage of the defining matters of aesthetic. Furthermore, the symposium also aims to explore how these paradigms, which define the main theme of the strategies, reflect the interaction between today/now and aesthetic as well as the realities of art and design. The symposium will be held on October 25 and 26, 2016. For the symposium theme please visit our symposium page. To apply for the symposium please visit our application page.


Within the scope of the 7th International Student Triennial, workshops will be conducted to experiment art /design with its many aspects. The workshops will be held between March and October 2016 and throughout the Triennial main events week (October 24-28, 2016). To propose a workshop please visit our application page. To reach to our current workshop list please visit our workshop page.


Within the scope of the 7th Internation Student Triennial, there will be short film screenings. The screenings will be on October 27, 2016. To apply for short film screenings please visit our application page


Triennial exhibitions serve to stimulate interactions among art and design institutions in multiple levels, through which the products. As in the case of previous triennials, each institution select the representative works to be exhibited in the triennial. To participate in exhibitions please visit our application page.




15 April



24 – 28 October



25 – 26 October



15 April – 28 October



27 October



24 October – 24 November



Call for Symposium

15 May

Deadline for Abstract Submission

14 July

Announcement of Accepted Abstracts

26 July

Deadline for Submission of Full Paper

26 August

Announcement of Accepted Full Paper

30 September



Application Acceptance Period

15 April – 1 September



Application Acceptance Period

15 April – 1 September

Deadline for Work/Project Submissions in Digital Format

1 September

Last Arrival Date of Work/Project at MUFFA

15 September

Assembly of Exhibition

17 – 24 October

Opening of Exhibition

24 October

Period of Exhibition

24 October – 24 November

Return of Works/Projects

1 – 10 December


Symposium Abstract Application Deadline has been extended to July 14.

Administrative Board

Prof. Dr. Inci Deniz Ilgin, Head of Triennial 

Assoc. Prof. Emre Ikizler, Head of Executive Committee

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Osman Urper, Head of Workshop Committee

Assist. Prof. Devabil Kara, Head of Sergi Duzenleme Kurulu Baskani

Assist. Prof. Murteza Fidan, Head of Symposium Committee

Assist. Prof. Yuce Sayilgan, Head of Short Film Committee

Assist. Prof. Yesim Bagrisen, Head of Sponsorship ve Publicity Committee 

Instr. Mehmet Ali Mustecaplioglu, Head of Graphic Design Committee

Instr. Mustafa Bilge Satkin, Head of Visual Archive Committee



Trienal Executive Committee

Assoc. Prof. Emre Ikizler, Head

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Osman Urper

Assist. Prof. Dr. Engin Volkan

Instr. Seylan Ozturk

Res. Assist. Emine Vagtborg

Res. Assist. Seden Odabasioglu

Res. Assist. Sevket Sanliog


Workshop Committee

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Osman Urper, Head

Assoc. Prof. Emre Ikizler

Assist. Prof. Dr. Engin Volkan

Res. Assist. Emine Vagtborg

Res. Assist. Sevket Sanliog


Exhibition Committee

Assist. Prof. Devabil Kara, Head


Symposium Committee

Assist. Prof. Murteza Fidan, Head

Assist. Prof. Cemil Ergun

Assist. Prof. Hakan Onur

Res. Assist. Kerem Ozan Bayraktar


Short Film Committee

Assist. Prof. Yuce Sayilgan, Head

Instr. Duygu Karabayraktar


Sponsorship ve Publicity Committee

Assist. Prof. Yesim Bagrisen, Head

Res. Assist. Semra Gur

Nigar Demirtay, Student

Sinemis Tasik, Student

Aslihan Sevinali, Student


Graphic Design Committee

Instr. Mehmet Ali Mustecaplioglu, Head

Res. Assist. Deniz Dalman

Res. Assist. Alican Metin

Res. Assist. Hande Akgun


Logo, Identity and Web Design

Burak Tigli


Web Application

Ahmet Erdem Senturk


Visual Archive Committee

Instr. Mustafa Bilge Satkin, Head

Res. Assist. Sebla Selin Ok

Res. Assist. Selva Sever

Triennials Since 1997

First held in 1997 and subsequently organized in 2000, 2003, 2006, 2010, and 2013, the International Student Triennial is distinctive as Turkey’s first student triennial. Organized with the participation of faculties of fine arts and design from Turkey, along with many art and design schools from all around the world, the triennial forms an extensive network for and provides valuable inputs to students who are preparing for the international arts and design arena.


Organized during the tenure of Dean Prof. Erol Eti in 1997, the first triennial hosted 18 institutions from 11 countries and was held in what is currently the National Palaces Storage Museum. The second and third triennials were held during the tenure of Dean Prof. Hüsamettin Koçan. As the number of participants increased, Valide-i Atik, which is the last masterpiece of Sinan the Architect, was also appended into our exhibition sites. The triennials of 2006 and 2010 were held during the tenure of Dean Prof. Nazan Erkmen, with 2010 triennial being held in conjunction with 2010 Istanbul World Capital of Culture events. The sixth triennial, held in 2013 during the tenure of Dean Prof. Dr. İnci Deniz Ilgın, is the first triennial that extends to all through the year, increasing the dynamism and effectiveness of student participation. The sixth triennial hosted 50 institutions from 16 countries.


Bringing hundreds of students together from all around the world, the triennial has an important role in enabling comparison between different approaches in art and design education. Through symposium, exhibitions, workshops and short films the Triennial aims at providing a resourceful and international environment for students to question, observe, discuss the production process, share, and interact with each other, and so to position themselves in the international arena. With this event, initiated by Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts 19 years ago, the goal is to strengthen the communication and friendship among international institutions of art and design education and prepare a platform for the prospective young artists and designers.


The framework of the Triennial is distinctive as a first, in establishing a platform to create a wide array of new and alternative languages of production. As students from various art and design schools come together, educators of these students also contribute to the triennial. Triennial is, therefore, a participatory act of cooperation that transforms into a true sphere of communication. No communicative technology is as effective as vis-a-vis conveyance of ideas. Artists and designers who contribute to the inception of a universal language between cultures will be meeting once again in 2016, in İstanbul, which has embraced different cultures throughout its history.


Symposium Within the Triennial

Parallel to the triennial, we have held symposiums for students, artists and designers, academics and researchers. These symposiums have also contributed to arts and design education by its publications that are:


2000 – 2nd International Student Triennial Symposium – “Utopias of Art Education in 2000”
2003 – 3rd International Student Triennial Symposium – “Art and Design in Virtual Space”
2006 – 4th International Student Triennial Symposium – “Global Local: Identity and Art in the Age of Globalization”
2010 – 5th International Student Triennial Symposium – “West of East, East of West: New Approaches in Art and Design”
2013 – 6th International Student Triennial Symposium – “Connect the Dots”
2016 – 7th International Student Triennial Symposium – “ ‘Temporality-Differences’ and Beyond”

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a participation fee for the Triennial events?

Participation to all events of the Triennial is free of charge.


Is it possible to participate in the exhibition by just sending the work or do we have to be present during the events?

We would be glad to see you amongst us during the events, but if you cannot be present for the exhibition or short film screening, you can send your work by postal service (or through web, if it is a digital work). You will receive the Triennial catalogue by postal service after the events.


Who can apply for being a participant in workshops?

Workshops are open for all students from Art and Design related Institutions/Departments.


How can I apply for the workshops?

You can send an e-mail to the related workshop director to participate in their workshop. Workshop directors will evaluate the applications themselves within the workshop quota.

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